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We love interesting.
Interesting is compelling.
Engaging. Exciting. Absorbing.
Entertaining. It holds the
attention and curiosity.
It can’t be boring...

and it’s at the heart of
everything we do.

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Guerilla is an integrated communications agency with offices in Newcastle and London.

We can help you to achieve your business aims, whether it's growth, consolidation or starting something new through interesting and effective marketing. Our experienced team can  help you with anything from brand creation to digital strategy; tv advertising to ecommerce websites and everything in between.

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 Director's Cuts 

Sometimes a good creative idea slips through the net. As a passionate bunch we feel it’s a shame some work will never be seen by the outside world. So, we thought we’d show you them anyway. We call these situations ‘director’s cuts’. We’d love you to take a look and give us your opinion.