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Earlier this year we were approached by OASIS Floral to develop designs for a new website.

As the designs started to flow we all realised that the brand was being taken into a new direction, it was looking fresh, contemporary and knowing. However, this produced a number of challenges….

OASIS Floral is just one strand of Smithers Oasis – giants of the floral industry. Smithers-Oasis UK Limited is the UK’s leading manufacturer and maker of floral foam, floral foam accessories and other sundry products serving 450 wholesale customers throughout the UK and across Europe. The organisation is a powerhouse in the sector, supporting colleges, trade organisations, wholesalers, florists, flower arrangers, students and hobbyists.  

As you can imagine, brand is key for an organisation of this size. The dots must join up to create a brand that is easy to use, easy to recognise and easy to consume. The new website design flagged how disjointed the OASIS Floral brand was and in order to create consistency work was required to refine the brand. 

The output – a brand guidelines document. As you will know, an identity is not just a logo – it is a design scheme composed of a number of elements that join together to create a distinctive look and feel. Therefore, the document created would guide users through the core elements of the OASIS Floral brand to assist in creating compelling communications with a high degree of flexibility.

We have to say working with Oasis Floral on their guidelines was a delight. The team knew what they liked and didn’t like – could be articulate and were excited about the project, which ensured for a truly collaborative approach. 





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