Christmas Comes to Trinity Square in Gateshead


Guerilla Communications have had a very successful working partnership with Trinity Square Shopping Centre for a few years now and this Christmas we have been working together on one of the most popular events of the year - the Christmas Lights Switch On, which took place on Thursday 23rd November.

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15 Most Influential Entrepreneurs


As part of our '15 Things' series we decided to list the 15 most influential entrepreneurs (in our opinion) that have influenced the world. We define these people as successful role models to everyone, and they all share in the fact that they worked incredibly hard and were justifiably rewarded in the end for their efforts. The following list is in no particular order, let us know if we’ve missed anyone!

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15 Years of Creating Memorable Brands


Over the past fifteen years we’ve had some great opportunities to create some very interesting brands. Whilst the process of naming a brand, creating a new one or refreshing an existing brand can be extremely challenging, we have found that it is always very rewarding.

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Simplifying GDPR Through Design


As the GDPR deadline looms ever closer (25th May 2018 for those still not aware) many organisations are waking up to the fact that GDPR is going to change how we manage our data. The team at Guerilla was able to put together a Data Protection Handbook – a concise booklet that can be read and understood by anyone across all levels of the business and a reference point for all matters of data protection.

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Trinity Square Gateshead Supports Tiny Lives


A Gateshead-based shopping and leisure complex is hoping to make a difference by pledging to support the Neonatal Unit at Newcastle’s RVI through The Tiny Lives Trust.

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Building A Brand Driven Business


From the age of about five years and upwards watching TV adverts promoting the services and products of big brands always fascinated me. I would imagine how the beginning, middle and end of the advert could have been re-written and filmed differently.

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The 15 Best Ad Campaigns


For all the bad advertising we see now and again there is a campaign which truly stands out. Whether the content is refreshingly unique, thought provokingly different or just downright hilarious there are some campaigns which were created to go viral. Here we have chosen our 15 favourite advertising campaigns of all time.

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At Last, Cinema as it Should Be!


JamJar is not your typical cinema, and the JamJar experience is certainly not your typical 21st century cinema experience - in fact, it’s as far away as it’s possible to get from the faceless, corporate multiplex.

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Life… Where is the pause button? 


Once you've got through the work and family commitments, there never feels as though there is much time for anything else-least of all you.

So when the Professional Publishers Association briefed us to create an identity and campaign to promote their national magazine category we had the opportunity to draw on our own life experiences.

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Luxuriously Sustainable


Beautiful packaging that needn't cost the earth - Guerilla's packaging master Iain Thompson looks at the entrants in this years Dieline Packaging Awards and discusses how great packaging can look amazing and be kind to the environment.

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Your adventure begins here…


With the Alnwick Castle pre-visit campaign featuring brave knights, beautiful princesses, dangerous dragons and of course those jovial jesters launched it was time to start thinking about promoting the next big event.

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Think Different and Just Do It!


If you had to write one sentence to describe your company what would that be?

This is the first question you should ask yourself when creating a brand, but remember it is not something that you finish and put to bed, it should continue to evolve. Over the years the message gets refined, it can’t remain static, it’s got to move with the times and keep resonating with that core group of people that you have targeted as your customers.

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