Our Creative Artworker Reflects On New Year’s Resolutions


We all make New Year’s resolutions and don’t see them through. I’ve made a few over the years, but 2018 proved to be different. Being unhappy in my job of 18 years, I knew I needed a change. The thought of going to interviews scared the life out of me, but not as much as staying in a job that made me unhappy for the next 25 years. When an opportunity arose to join the team at Guerilla, I jumped at the chance.

Choosing to start a new job was a big decision, as at the time my husband and I were also in the adoption process looking to find a special young person to join our awesome family. Life can’t be lived by ‘what ifs’, so I took the leap and was successful in being offered a position at Guerilla. Yes, it was scary. I’d only ever worked in print, so moving into a Creative Studio was a whole world away from what I was used to. Eight months down the line, I’m so happy I made the move and we welcomed our new daughter into our family and we are all very excited for our first Christmas together.

New year's resolutions- are you open to change
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