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The first edition launch of the OASIS Product Guide.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of floral foam and accessories, OASIS Floral Products offer an amazing choice of high quality floral products to thousands of UK florists and wholesalers. As a result Oasis are able to give their customers exactly what they need, when they need it… time after time.

To help their relationships bloom with existing and prospective customers Guerilla and Oasis worked together to create a “Product Bible”. The result is beautiful 250 page brochure showcasing their wide range of over 4,500 ‘every day products’ bursting with inspiration on every page.

Our challenge was to deliver a fresh, visually-led take on the existing seasonal brochures, whilst still retaining familiarity and adhering to the OASIS Floral Products brand guidelines.

The result? Inspiration at your fingertips. Helping OASIS to grow their relationship with Florists, and maintain a valued partnership with their longstanding wholesalers.

With Edition 1 now live, we look forward to seeing a significant increase in online orders via the Oasis Floral Webshop.

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Find out more about Oasis by visiting their website.

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