Guerilla and David Lloyd’s


We are very pleased to announce that Guerilla are now proud sponsors of the new children's tennis jumpers at David Lloyd's Newcastle! We even took our Guerilla mascot down for a game with the team.

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No Mickey Mouse appointment!


We are pleased to announce the arrival of Caroline Allard who joins Guerilla as Account Director. Caroline was previously Employer Brand Communication Manager at Disneyland Paris… now that's no Mickey Mouse appointment!

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April Fools Day PR Stunt


Whether we liked it or not, we were all gullible to the humorous PR stunts pulled by brands yesterday in an attempt to capitalize on the pranking bandwagon. With the rise in social media the extent to which brands can get PR coverage on a witty hoax is limitless, with the potential to go viral.

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Small Egos, Big Hearts… Why small is beautiful when it comes to creative agencies


As a self-confessed shortarse (on a good day I can manage 5’7 if I wear two pairs of socks), I’ve always been a big advocate of the ‘good things come in small packages’ school of thought, but is this true of creative agencies? Well, I would argue, it’s never been truer than it is now.

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How To Get a Substantial ROI on Your Email Campaigns


For every £1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of £32.28 according to Experian. That’s a staggering 3,228% ROI so it’s no wonder that 82% of SME’s use it as part of their marketing strategy to grow their business.

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Keep It Brief!


As an Account Manager, I am the main point of contact between the client and the agency. My main focus is to ensure that client requirements are fulfilled, and production timings are met. I work closely with all departments of the agency, but especially our creative team, briefing and working with them on new and exciting projects.

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The Future of Agencies in a World of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence has become one of those buzz words hasn’t it? But do we actually know what it is? How often we interact with it? And what our future holds, particularly for an agency environment with AI at our fingertips? 

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Insight From Our Youngest Account Manager


I started my career aged 16 after leaving school and eager to move straight onto the career ladder. My first role was for 12 months as an Admin Apprentice and that gave me a great start.

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Key Emerging Digital Marketing Trends


The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving due to technological advancements and frequent updates and adaptations within SEO and social platforms. Such advancements have a clear goal in mind; to deliver a memorable brand experience and fulfil consumers’ needs.

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Setting the GOLD standard


As the largest independent group of private pharmacies in Central London, Prince Pharmacy approached Guerilla to collaborate on an exciting rebrand, in anticipation of their latest branch opening and ambitious objectives for 2019.

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Measuring advertising & marketing effectiveness


Currently, we live in a world where marketers have to justify even the smallest expenditure and are often under real pressure to keep saving money year-on-year.

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What is SEO and how can your business benefit from it?


Search Engine Optimization refers to the steps taken to increase a website’s ranking on search engine result pages such as Google. Search engines rank information in terms of relevancy and popularity, which are determined by algorithms. The aim is to provide users with a list of websites that address their initial search enquiry.

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