Guerilla is a true European agency, delivering an umbrella brand name and identity for a new pharmacy brand

Having won a pitch against five leading branding agencies based throughout Europe, we were briefed to create an umbrella brand name and identity for a new pharmacy brand. The task was extremely challenging due to a wide range of factors including:

  • The name had to be memorable and easy to pronounce throughout all 23 countries the brand has a presence in and must not contain any negative cultural connotations.
  • The brand name and identity would need to be trademarked separately in each country as well as on a pan-European level.
  • The identity would be applied to a huge range of private label packaging including skincare, dietary supplements, commodities and OTC categories.
  • All packaging would be tri-lingual, which would place pressure on the private label packaging designs, which were limited in size.
  • The brand marque would need to be applied across a wide range (shape/ age/size) of pharmacy chain interior and exterior designs.
  • Finally the brand name and identity would need to be distinctive from any competitors across Europe.
BENU Pharmacy product packaging

Guerilla generated over 1,000 potential names that were then checked against linguistic barriers, cultural nuances and local trade marking registration clashes. Most failed to make it through the tests. The pitch-winning name – which would ultimately form the core component of the umbrella brand – was BENU.

The rationale behind the BENU naming strategy linked to the existing PHOENIX Group brand. There was a mythical bird called BENU (or Bennu), which had many commonalities with the more familiar Phoenix. Like the Phoenix, Bennu is a bird of the sun and a symbol of life, energy, rebirth, renewal and regeneration – a perfect combination for a strong healthcare brand.

BENU Pharmacy brand packaging

The process of consultation involved the Guerilla Project Team attending meetings with the multinational Phoenix Project Team at venues across Europe, including Oslo and Tallinn. Following such meetings the creative work was fine-tuned to create enhancing features such as the tri-coloured uplifting bar.

Benu Pharmacy products inside store Benu Pharmacy customer transaction
BENU Pharmacy Vitamin C product packaging

After creating a unified home page for the BENU brand Guerilla then worked closely with the different countries to provide a short term measure of creating a face lift for the existing country specific websites to ensure that the online look and feel was consistent with the BENU brand vision.

BENU Pharmacy lip care product packaging
BENU Children's book Marketing collateral for Pharmacy brand BENU
“We were looking for an agency that focuses on speed, creativity and result orientation, like us. We found just that in Guerilla.”
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